Rules and Regulations

So. Tex. BSRA Rules and Regulations Proposals
Sander Requirements
All sanders must run on track provided power supply.  No exceptions.

All sanders must use an unmodified factory manufactured (Stock) sanding belt, 
(sanding grit is not called out - your choice). 
Sanders can not be more than 24" in length.

Track guides and wheelie bars, or "outrigging" is required to keep sanders centered in the track.  Guides should be 10 ¾ width OS to OS.
Bob- or pig-tail (shorten) your power cord to 6" - 9"

Classes - Design  Parameters

Stock Class Guidelines
The Belt Sander must be a standard product manufactured by a conventional power tool manufacturer.  (No exceptions).

Absolutely no parts of any kind can be  removed from sander.
Absolutely no electrical, lubrication or mechanical parts can be changed or altered on sanders.
1. Shortening of power cord to 6" to 9".
2. Removal and by-passing of starting trigger on sander.
3. Belt sander grit - your choice.
4. Paint color of your choice.  Non functional decorations are allowed and encouraged,     dress ‘em up - be creative!.
5. Removable handle grip on front of sander.
6. Guides on sander so sander will go straight down track - should be 10 ¾ "  over all width OS to OS.
Winner of stock class subject to inspection by the BSRA after the races, , if they 
       feel it is necessary at that time for any reason. 

Modified Class Guidelines

Belt Sander may be altered to enhance speed and performance    (within rules, 
regulations, guidelines of the BSRA).
Belt Sander must propel itself with conventional sanding belt only    (grit of your choice).

Modifications and substitutions allowed to motor, drive system, electrical, etc. (within rules, regulations and guidelines of the BSRA).
Length of sander not to exceed 24" overall.
All modifications must be carried "on board".
Decorations allowed and encouraged - dress ‘em up-be creative!
Guides to keep the straight on track should be 10 ¾" overall width OS to OS.

All races will be run on a 12" (approx.) wide track. Our track is 11 ¼ in width.
The track is seventy-five (75) feet long for modified and stock sander  racers (reasonable stopping distance from finish line must be provided).

The sanders race side-by-side on a drag strip track (with drag race type lighted tree at start line).
The track walls (side walls) are 3.5" above the racing floor surface.  Sander guides 
  to be 10 ¾" width OS to OS.

Race Particulars

The BSRA shall define the number and structure of the race one hour before the event according to the number of competitors in each category (best two (2) out of three (3) or double elimination:).
All racers to be on site, signed up and ready to race 30 minutes before race time! 
(No exceptions)

False Starts:
Two (2) false starts and you're disqualified for that race.  False starts will be defined as follows:
1. Moving across the starting line too early.
2. No power to the belt sander at the start, (such as not plugged in properly, etc.- 
    unless the exception is an electrical technically of the race track).
The BSRA reserves the right to determine entry acceptance and race eligibility.
Each racer is responsible for the setup of their belt sander including the power cord 
hook up (and their pit crew) and be ready to race when called.
 (No exceptions - disqualified if not ready.)

The same person may enter no more than two sanders 
(and they are responsible for both, with pit crew, etc. No exceptions).
One each in stock or modified class or 2 in each separate class of your choice.

Pit Crews
Only 2 people per team may be in the secured track area while running their race. 
The pit crew is responsible for preparing for the start of the race, plugging in the sander,
and removing the sander from the end of the track after the race.

The maximum time between races for repairs, modifications, or any other changes will
be five minutes, although three (3) minutes is the preferred length of time.  The judges 
may call for a forfeiture of the race if contestants exceed the 5-minute maximum.
Disputed races may be re - run at the discretion of the BSRA.
Awards shall be determined by the judges and the BSRA.

If for any reason your sander does not cross the finish line, cord unplugged, track flip,
switch problems, or operator error this is considered an act of God and you lose. 
All decisions by the BSRA are final.
So.TexBSRA does not sanction betting of any kind.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place paid in each class -  stock and modified
Best Design (theme) - Judge's choice (when applicable). 

Consent to Use Photograph/Videotape

All registered contestants give So.TexBSRA permission to use their name and likeness,
including photographs and videotapes taken, for commercial and promotional activities
without compensation. 
Waiver of Liability
When racing on our home track, all registered contestants must agree to abide 
by the rules of the BSRA; enter into this tournament at their own risk; and 
release So.TexBSRA and its sponsors, referees, and tournament organizers
from any liability. 
When racing on our home track, all registered contestants must agree to  .

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